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I am a first time mother of a 3 month old with an entire full sized freezer full of breast milk and I still continue to produce 20-30 oz more than what my baby needs a day. I typically pump twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. When I am at work I usually pump 3 times and produce 10-11 oz total each pumping session. My husband and I live an active lifestyle: I workout 4 times a week, and in our free time we enjoy taking the little one on walks and to the coast. I have chosen not drink caffeine or consume cows milk while breastfeeding my baby. Our little one has been running in the 67th percentile across the board for weight and height and is thriving. We have witnessed our little one rolling over for the first time this week. It is so much fun to see our little one so interactive and talkative. We have had great sleep as well. Our babe usually sleeps 9-5 and then 5:30-9.
After every pump session I clean the pump parts and immediately put the pumped breast milk into the freezer. It is hard to say how much stored milk I have, however, I know it is well over 500oz.
The best part is that I even have about 20oz of colostrum/mixed milk from the first couple of days of nursing.
I plan to try and breastfeed my little one for one year if I continue to keep producing. I are willing to sell to women and men alike and hope that we can provide your precious babe with a healthy collection of breast milk.
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