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: USA, new york, Brooklyn
: $ 1.50

No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos, No Checks accepted, and No Scams. Donation to a BABY ONLY! If you do not have a needy baby and can not pay via paypal then do not reply.

I am looking for someone to pick up locally and will not ship. I accept Venmo or PayPal. I am the mother of a preemie baby and pumped around the clock during the three months my baby was in the NICU so I have an oversupply. The milk is between one month to five months old and was immediately frozen in a deep freezer after pumping. I am incredibly healthy and eat a primarily organic and grassfed diet. Another baby was given my milk and gained weight rapidly because of the high fat content and was said to have guzzled it down because he loved it so much. I have the milk stored and dated in 200oz bags. I am willing to sell all or half the supply and I also have a Midea small deep freezer available if storage is an issue for you. The price is for all the milk but I can break into two orders if need be.
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