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: USA, MI, Sault Ste. Marie
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Hi! I'm a young mom with an 11 month old baby who has developmental delays. I've been trying to get him to at least a year on breastfeeding, but I recently suffered a severe illness and have lost most of my milk supply. I've been supplementing with powdered goat milk, but my husband lost his job and we are no longer able to afford it. If anyone has any clean breastmilk (non-smoking, non-alcoholic, STD-free) that they would be willing to donate I would be extremely grateful. If you're local to the Sault Ste. Marie MI or Sault Ste. Marie Canada areas we could arrange to meet in a public place; otherwise I will pay for shipping. Thanks so much!

Put this in your ad: "No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos, No Checks accepted, and No Scams. Donation to a BABY ONLY!"
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