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: USA, Clearwater
: $ 2.00

Liquid gold in deep freezers dated & ready to support your angel. Currently a milk donor (& in 2013) for a hospital milk bank, which has strict donor regulations for fragile NICU babies. My OB & PED had to review & consent. Passed all tests for HIV1&2, HTLV I&II, HepatitisB, HepatitisC & Syphilis. Micah "the Meatball" was born @ 8.1 & shot up to 24+lbs with my vitamin rich, fatty milk. Dietary: whole food based vitamins, pro-biotics, Vitamin D & fish oil. Drug, smoke & soy free. Non-GMO, organic produce & grass-fed meats. No paraben or SLS products used. Sanitary: In healthcare field, so cleanliness is vital-- from correct milk processing & equipment sterilization to deep freezer storage, strict protocol is followed. Active: Exercise 3-5x week-- I'm an athletic, educated & professional Momma of 3 cool dudes (all breastfed until 2 years old). *Let's get your peanut flourishing on the best-- my SUPERCHARGED milk!*
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