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: United States, California, Fresno
: $ 1,750.00

Young active momma to two healthy girls.

****3oz, 5oz & 6oz portions available
$3.50 per oz -- over 500 oz frozen and ready to sell after only 6 weeks since giving birth.

I have lots of pumping and proper storage experience. I breastfed my two-year-old for one year while pumping and freezing milk for her. She is a perfect happy girl and is now in the highest percentile of growth for her age.
*Just gave birth on the 3rd of April to my second. She gained 2lbs and 2 inches in her first month!! 'Golden milk' for sure! She is happy and healthy, not fussy at all. I pump throughout the day and have an over abundance.
I clean all pump parts thoroughly after each use (it's a full-time job!), I freeze imediatly and store in our deep freezer. I take a daily prenatal vitamin and do not smoke.

No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pics, No Videos, No Scams, No Checks accepted.
Willing to sell to men
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