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: USA, South Carolina, Rock Hill
: $ 3.00

My family and I are gluten and dairy free. Our diet is religiously non-inflammatory and includes predominantly garden of life MEAL, grass fed meats and organ meats, bone broth, free range, organic and non-gmo foods. I take Rainbow Light Prenatals and DHA as well as primrose oil, aloe vera juice and probiotics. I am extremely active, very fit and blessed with a wonderful milk supply.

It has been on my heart with our strange diet that there might be a family in need of our unique breast milk. As of this week I have been pumping at the beginning and end of each day and am currently freezing between 6-12oz of breastmilk a day. As I do not want to burden my body whatever I get out is what I set aside. For more information or if you have questions do not hesitate to ask. $3/oz.
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