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: USA, North Carolina, Charlotte
: $ 3.00

**NO wet nursing, videos, checks. Donation to baby ONLY**

*daughter of God
*wifey (over 11 years)
*exercise/health nut/bf advocate
*My husband and I are highly educated with BS and Doctorate degrees respectively.

Our family went df/gf after our son began showing autoimmune sensitivity on what we thought was a "healthy" American Diet. We now eat a diet of organic veggies and fruits, free range and grass fed meats/organ meats, homemade bone broth and wonderful supplements like daily aloe vera juice, probiotics, vitamins, DHA, and olive leaf. We've all never felt better and our son's sensitivities have disappeared completely! Our infant daughter is exclusively breastfed (currently 6 months) and is at the very high end of development. We have had several friends adopt infants; one of which we supplied with milk for eight months!! Quality breastmilk it is a real need for these little ones. Also for those who struggle with supply. Questions? Ask!
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