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: United States, Long Beach
: $ 1.50

I’m a stay-at-home mom with an MBA from an AACSB accredited school. I'm very health conscious, take my prenatals, eat organically from the dirty dozen list, and rarely eat red meat. I clean & sterilize all breast pump parts after every use. I’m very organized & meticulous, keeping a spreadsheet detailing each BPA-free bag designed for breast milk. You’ll know the exact amount of ounces & date of each bag for sale. The milk bags are stored in larger gallon size ziplock freezer bags providing an extra layer of freezer protection in my deep freezer (-20° F). I take great care in the pumping and storage process of my breast milk. We still use the frozen breast milk, while I’m at work on Saturdays.

I’m a certified milk bank donor. I will provide lab results showing my blood is free of diseases. I’ve shared my breastmilk with over 2 dozen women. Please ask me any questions you may have. I know this seems weird and scary at first.
Available for local pickup in Long Beach.
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