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: USA, Florida, Pensacola
: $ 2.50

I am a fit, active & educated 31 year old mommy to 4, with the youngest just now 3 weeks old! I received my Masters in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) two years ago and fully understand the broad scope of contributing factors that influence healthy breast milk. For that reason, I maintain a healthy, balanced diet with no alcohol or caffeine consumption. We are a smoke-free, pet-free home and I am blessed to say that I have a perfect bill of health. I only take a daily prenatal vitamin with DHA to further supplement my milk. All of our children have been strictly breast fed and all of them are academically excelling! Our sweet, chunky 3 week old LOVES her milk and was just shy of 11 pounds at 18 days of age when we last saw her pediatrician. I take the utmost care with cleaning and handling my Medella pump, as well as milk storage bags/containers. All milk is pumped into sterile bottles and then transferred to NUK storage bags. Fresh & frozen available.

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