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: Germany, Rhineland Pfalz, Bitburg
: $ 2.00

Very healthy 22 year old in Germany. 99% plant based vegan. If your child has an extremely severe dairy allergy, do not buy through me! That being said, my diet consists almost entirely of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, & grains. Dairy is very rare & very limited. I eat no dyes, hydrogenated oils, high fructose cornsyrup, MSG, or soy protein isolate. I do not drink coffee but I do drink teas. I RARELY take OTC medications & if I take any pain meds, it is acetaminophen, never ibuprofen. I make a great effort to not pump when the medicine is in my system. I take prenatals with DHA & a B12 supplement. I have no diseases or medical conditions. My 1.5 month old has been exclusively breastfed & has followed the growth chart PERFECTLY. She only lost 6% of her birthweight, so my milk is clearly fatty & full of all the calories & nutrients your baby could need. I can only ship to within Europe. PayPal only. Bitburg locals will receive 25¢ discount. I currently have
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