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: USA, Idaho, Boise
: $ 1.00

I am a two time surrogate (twins both times) and delivered a second set of healthy twin boys on 01/07/18. I would love to find a family to pump milk for on a ongoing basis.

I am experienced in shipping frozen breast milk and supplied milk for nearly a year after my last journey to a family in New York as well as a family in California.

I have colostrum and milk in my stash which is all dated and being stored in our deep freeze which contains breast milk only. I currently have 700 oz stored and intend to pump for at least one year postpartum. Currently I produce 30-35 oz per day and I am 4 weeks postpartum.

I take daily prenatal vitamins which contain DHA, am healthy, do not do drugs or smoke, maintain a healthy well balanced diet and limit caffeine to one cup of coffee per day.

If you are interested message me. I would be happy to discuss shipping costs and details if you live out of the Boise Idaho area. I charge $1 per oz for my time and supplies.
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