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We Want to Hear from You!!

March 23, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

We would love to hear your experience using Only the Breast’s Breast Milk Classifieds. Please let us know how it’s going for you.

If you have a web cam, get your testimonial recorded and we may showcase it on Only the Breast and to Only the Breast social media ~ More potential buyers of your breast milk will get to see you and that means you’ll sell more milk!

If you haven’t posted an ad to sell or buy breast milk… What are you waiting for? It’s quick, clean, private and FREE! Visit to post your ad.


5 Responses to “We Want to Hear from You!!”
  1. Maliaandmom says:

    I’m excited to use this site and start helping other babies! My 10 month old LOVES ALL types of nutritious foods and I feel that has a lot to do with the foods I consume that help produce my breast milk. I only wish I knew how to add pictures after I already submitted the ad! oops!

  2. JThomas242 says:

    I have been posting for a few days now on this site and have not received any responses yet despite the high number of views of my ad. Has anyone on this site actually sold breast milk? Just curious as I would love some advice from someone who has sold their breast milk – I do not want my milk to go to waste! :)

    Thanks!! :)

  3. jeffholb says:

    I have had nothing but positive experiences from this site in locating sellers. I have dealt with four mothers and all have been nothing but positive experiences. I have just recently found a local supplier that’s willing to sell long term as long as I need breast milk. I’m hoping more people, buyers and sellers, catch on to this site. Great site and I’m glad it’s here. If people just do their homework and research they’ll find nothing but positive experiences from this site. That’s speaking for myself as I am pleased.

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