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Breastmilk Q & A

Breastmilk Q & A

January 17, 2010 by · 8 Comments 

This main forum is for generalized questions about breast milk, pumping, giving bottles etcetera.

You can also find help here under the “How to Buy & Sell” Section


8 Responses to “Breastmilk Q & A”
  1. goldie says:


    I am new to this site. How does this site work? it seems the buyers are sellers. Are they supposed to be the same? How does wet nurse work? I can’t seem to find much of any comments other than moms must haves.


  2. Kal080911 says:

    i would like to sell my breastmilk, and i was wondering where could i get those bags to start storing my milk?

  3. yyasinova says:

    Hi, I have a question to my fellow moms.
    Someone had donated to me tons of frozen breast milk who’s baby 1.5 mo old.
    My son is 9 mo and I’m still nursing him but my milk supply is not that great, just enouph for morning and night feedings. My son is not taking formula, no matter what I tried he spitts it out. I’m concern that solid food will not give him tutrients taht he needs. Is it safe to give him a breast milk that’s produced for a 1.5 mo old baby?

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