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Help on Posting Ads

Help on posting ads

January 17, 2010 by · 6 Comments 

Get help & tips from other moms on posting ads for selling mothers milk and buying mothers milk.

Make sure you’ve read through How to List an Ad and our FAQs to see if the answers to your questions are there.


6 Responses to “Help on posting ads”
  1. mnmsmom says:

    How much should I have stockpiled before selling? I pump plenty to feed my son, I just wonder how much should be in the freezer before I start offering.

  2. ChristineFA says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to sell my BM for months. I’m not working & my husband is doing his best. I saw a link for this site on ABC news & noticed that all the mom’s interviewed had the same BM freezing bags. My daughter is 10 months now & I still produce a lot of milk. I see other mom’s with kids older then mine & would like to start selling, only where do I find the freezing bags? I’ve been using the hard plastic Medela tubes. How do I know how much to sell the BM for? Are there any test that I must do before I can start listing? From what I have been reading there is not unless the buyer asks. If they do ask, where do I get the test? I only have very small windows in my day to read through everything on this site & sometimes find myself re-reading things. Would love a detailed step by step list of how to start.

  3. m.jamarie says:

    Hello Moms,

    Can anyone help me get started. I’m new to this website so any help would be grately appreciated!

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