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Reviews of Buyers

January 19, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

Breast milk sellers: Please use this Feedback Template and the rules of the forum for leaving reviews on buyers.

Absolutely NO solicitation or advertising of your milk or services etc in forums!

Please copy and paste the following and answer the questions below. If you leave feedback without using this template it may be deleted.

Do NOT use real names here – this is in violation of forum rules.

Buyer’s username:
Approximate date of purchase:
Would you do business with them again? Yes/No

Here are a few more rules before you get started:

-We want calm and constructive posts. Any posts that are aggressive, full of emotion, etc. will be DENIED.

-Please use the search feature to see if your buyer has been reviewed already before posting a new review. If there is already a review, then post your review as a ‘reply’ to the first review.

Thank you!


3 Responses to “Reviews of Buyers”
  1. guiltyinca says:

    I bought from Sadie J in Texas. Her ad says “Super Rich, Thick, Creamy Breast Milk”. A great experience. Very nice and answers emails quickly. Pictures and videos very high quality.

  2. Nanceh says:

    I bought breast milk from Lydia M in London Ontario her ad says “selling breast milk” She was a great seller. There wasn’t a time when she wasn’t in contact with me and had a great attitude. she was very Prompt answering emails, and the package came on time with no problems. She was easy going, and very easy for me to trust, I hope to continue buying from her in the future.

  3. savagevg says:

    Buyer’s username: Phillip Pedro
    Approximate date of purchase: attempted purchase on 2/9/11
    Comments: This gentleman contacted me claiming he needed breastmilk for his 3 month old son because his wife is suffering from Breast cancer. He sent me a “certified check” I took it to the bank and it came back fraudulent. His plan was for me to take my fee and Western Union the remainder to his “shipper”. If you get an email like this do not go for it. They are trying to get you send money to them before the certified check clears and take your money. It is a scam. The other reason that I know this is because after this all went down, which thankfully I didn’t send any money before the check cleared, is that he has contacted me via my ad again and has changed his story to now he has a 1 month old son. Just a fair warning he is trying to make a deal that is to good to be true and it is.

    Would you do business with them again? NO

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