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Reviews of Sellers

January 19, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

Breast milk buyers: Please use this Feedback Template and the rules of the forum for leaving reviews on sellers.

Absolutely NO solicitation or advertising of your milk or services etc in forums!

Please copy and paste the following and answer the questions below. If you leave feedback without using this template it may be deleted.

Do NOT use real names here – this is in violation of forum rules.

Seller’s user-name or her business name.
Approximate date of purchase:
How was the customer service:
Review of the breastmilk:
Any additional comments:
Would you do business with them again? Yes/No

Here are a few more rules before you get started:

-We want calm and constructive posts. Any posts that are aggressive, full of emotion, etc. will be DENIED.

-Please use the search feature to see if your seller has been reviewed already before posting a new review. If there is already a review, then post your review as a ‘reply’ to the first review.

Thank you!


4 Responses to “Reviews of Sellers”
  1. Momoftwohealthyboys says:

    I tried for a couple months to make a connection on here with a family that was in need. I had several responses, prob 60% were from men wanting more than frozen bags of milk. Probably 30% sent responses and never followed through. I had one couple (2 men) that adopted a baby that I actually thought were legit. For the most part, people were so far away that the shipping was very expensive and most of those people could find someone closer if they wanted to. Most of the people responding, had no idea what is involved in shipping. Hoping that other people have a better experience than I did.

  2. John says:

    I am writting about **Natures Sleep Aid** a wonderfull woman from Michigan – we had several emails and I decided to buy from her because I felt comfortable with her – I purchased 25-4 oz bags and the package arrived via 2 day FedEx yesterday, 11-9-11 and she followed all packing directions and all contents were intact – Her milk is rich and creamy with a great smooth taste – I will be buying from her again

  3. jeffholb says:

    I found this site searching for breast milk to buy for human consumption. To some it might seem odd but, it’s been the best thing for my health and if I could afford it I would stop drinking dairy milk all together. If stored, sold, shipped and purchased correctly you should have no problems. The biggest thing as with anything in life is to do your homework. Do the research. I’ve purchased from four mothers on this site and they have all provided paperwork where their milk was tested to be drug and disease free. The benefit to them and their family is that they get an extra 2-400 dollars extra income a month. I’ve had milk shipped overnight and recently just drove and picked up my last purchase locally. I now have a local supplier and I’ve met her and her husband and the transaction is strictly business. The money I provide to them helps because they are on a tight budget. I’ve paid as high as 1.75 an ounce but when I buy in bulk I can usually pay around 1.40 an ounce. If I buy 300 ounces that’s an extra $420 a month. The site has been great in finding reputable people to buy from. For the skeptics, yes there are those people that should not be allowed to buy or sell breast milk but, the majority of those looking to buy and or sell are reputable people. Just remember to do your homework. Don’t take risk and most of all enjoy what mother nature has provided in one of the greatest liquids on the planet whether it be for babies, the sick, the elderly, nutrition or health benefits.

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