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Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
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I'm looking to donate my oversupply to a mom/baby in need (no men please). I have two caches of breastmilk available for either local pickup or shipping, if you pay the shipping cost:

1. ~75 oz from the June timeframe, 2 months postpartum. This cache is ineligible for milk bank donation because the prenatal vitamin I was on at the time (Trader Joe's) contains a dietary supplement which is apparently not permitted.

2. An ever-growing cache from 4+ months postpartum.

Please contact me for additional details. I would be willing to consider donation of non-frozen milk on an ongoing basis once a positive relationship is established.

More info:

Diet: Unrestricted but healthy--contains soy, dairy, meat, etc.
Vices: Non-smoker. I consume less than one drink a week of alcohol and never before a pumping session. I consume less than 200mg daily of caffeine. I do not consume THC in any form.
Vitamins: I am on (almost) daily prenatals, iron, and vitamin D. I do not take any other supplements; any herbs I consume are purely culinary.
Collection: Milk collected for donation follows the Mother's Milk Bank collection procedures. It is stored in Lasinoh bags in a refrigerator at work prior to transfer in a cooler to my home freezer.
My baby: Doing great! He's jumped multiple percentiles in both weight and height purely on my milk, and he's hitting all milestones on time or early.
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