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I am a healthy mom of two, and currently have a 4 month old son who has an intolerance / allergy to dairy and soy. (Many babies suffering from "colic" actually have a dairy intolerance, and 50% of those with a dairy intolerance will also have a soy intolerance.) Per my pediatrician's recommendation, we switched our son from exclusively breastfeeding to Enfamil Nutramigen formula while I completely changed my diet and got rid of all dairy and soy. Eliminating dairy and soy from your diet is not easy, and I want to help other mamas who aren't able to adhere to the strict dietary guidelines (or have their baby on formula), but still want their baby to have breast milk. I am a strong believer that breast milk is healthier for babies than formula, and I am 100% committed to changing my diet for my baby's health. The cost of special formulas without dairy and soy is comparable to my dairy and soy-free breast milk, yet the formula lacks all of the immunities and health benefits of breast milk. The special formula also smells awful! I pump daily and immediately freeze my milk. I am on a strict diet of unprocessed meats, eggs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, quinoa, etc. Changing over to a "Paleo" type diet and eliminating dairy and soy cured my son's digestive issues, colic, poor sleeping habits, and made him so much happier. I live in a smoke-free home, and am completely abstaining from alcohol. I am willing to work with a family on-going to provide dairy and soy free breastmilk. I am also willing to sell a few ounces to a family with a colicky baby who would like to try providing dairy free and soy free milk to see if it helps their baby's colic issues. Please contact me with any questions!

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Currently (4/25) I have about 85 oz of this frozen milk, and will continue to increase as time goes on.
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