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Houston, Texas, United States
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Hi my name is Deanna, I am located in Houston, Texas and I’m a second time mama to a two month old baby boy. I was unable to breast-feed due to medications I am currently prescribed. I was told it was risky to attempt breast-feeding due to the fact I’d have to stop my medications, which I did with my first, and ended up slipping into postpartum depression. That was the darkest time of my life and I could not imagine going through it again. My baby was perfect until we hit week two of him being home and it was like a switch flipped. He is colicky to the extreme. We have ruled out acid reflux and he is on the most broken down formula, similac alimentum, prescribed through his pediatrician. She and a few of my family members suggest I seek donor milk or breast milk for sale. I don’t have a lot of money as I’m not working, I just had my restrictions lifted because I am a c-section momma, so money resources are limited. I’m hoping to find a donor but if not I’m willing to pay $0.50/ ounce. If I seem like a good candidate I’d be forever grateful. 🙂
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