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Healthy, happily married, no debt, Mom of 4 kids. I enjoyed nursing my kids until 13 mths.
I'm a gestational (not my egg) surrogate through a well respected agency. I have to go through extensive blood work testing which includes infectious diseases, a psych evaluation, & be up to date on all medical

I have had 4 successful surrogacies. I pumped after each surrogacy & provided for multiple families each time. A few babies I helped nourish had to have breastmilk for medical reasons & thrived. I am currently providing ongoing shipments for 1 family.

Up to 1000+ Oz available

I store my breastmilk in a deep freezer, dated & oz marked.

I eat varitey of organic, whole grains, vegetables, mostly chicken for meat and drink juices, tea, spring water without fluoride.

Shipping Discounts avail. including FREE shipping supplies
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