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Middlesboro, KY, United States
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My baby is refusing the bottle when I'm away so I am storing what has been pumped. I want to sell what I pump and help others. I am a healthy female that eats a vegetable and fruit rich diet with very few processed foods. I exercise often and I want to continue breastfeeding and pumping for another year.
I'd love to find a family to regularly pump for on a weekly basis. I am willing to omit items from my diet such as dairy if preferred, but I can't do vegan.

I have about 100 ounces from August and September. I will sell it for $1.25 just to get it out of my freezer.

I prefer shipping in foam containers with dry ice and express 1-2 day shipping.

*I only accept PayPal. You can use a courier but you're responsible for setting it up and paying them. I will not nurse any adults. Don't ask for pictures or videos as proof of nursing (that seriously weirds me out). Breastmilk looks completely different from homogenized and pasteurized milk and it's not my fault if you've bought bad milk from someone else.*
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