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Cumberland County, Nova scotia, Canada
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I am a healthy 25 year old mom to a one month old boy. He will be two months on October 29th. I have zero health issues and I do not take any medication. I take prenatal gummies on a daily basis as well as iron pills (gummies don’t have iron). I don’t have any dietary restrictions and I eat pretty freely however I have been eating healthy for my son, things such as whole wheat bread, eggs, yogurt, chicken, whole wheat pasta, etc. Hearty & healthy!
I use a medical grade pump which is sterilized once a day. I freeze your breast milk in a deep freeze which extends the milks life to 6 months. Health professionals say 6-12 months but I like to go by 6 months to be on the safe side.
I was tested for everything prior to having my son, I wanted to ensure he would be born healthy. I do not have any diseases, illnesses or infections that are transferable via breast milk.
I do not smoke but I do drink ON OCCASION, however I follow procedure to ensure all contaminated breast milk is disposed of. Breast milk is not pasteurized.

If you have any questions or concerns that I haven’t covered please feel free to email me.
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