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Kyler was born premature with a very rare genetic condition called Ellis Van Crevald Syndrome, he's 1 of 300 living cases world wide. The syndrome causes a number of birth defects including extra fingers and toes, mouth deformities, dwarfism, severe heart defect, and allergies to almost everything. Kyler is scheduled for open heart surgery in June to create an atrial septum as he was born without it and to repair a cleft mitral valve. Aside from his heart and his allergies, he is an otherwise healthy baby defects aside. He's been on donor milk since he was about 3 weeks old but our donors are either moving away or no longer breastfeeding themselves. It's very hard to find dairy free milk these days as not too many mother's practice dairy free and the ones that do are bombarded with requests. We can not afford to pay $1 an oz so we are looking for mother's wanting to help a special needs baby remain healthy by providing the best gift anyone could. We are more than happy to replace bags or pump parts for those wanting to help. We appreciate anything we can get.
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