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Burlington, Massachusetts, United States
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I have 2,500oz of frozen breast milk to sell, all of which has been collected from January 2020 to present.

I use cetirizine, flonase, prenatal vitamins, and acetaminophen daily. I do not have any dietary restrictions. I consume coffee and alcohol ONLY after I've already pumped, and I pump 3 times a day in 8 hour intervals so as not to affect my milk. I have two 8oz cups of standard coffee a day and will have a glass or two of red wine 2-3 times a week.

All excess milk that is not given to my baby is immediately frozen and stored in Lansinoh bags. I have varying sizes stored ranging from 2oz to 6oz per bag. The most common sizes I have are 4oz, 5oz, and 6oz bags. All of the milk is stored in a deep freezer dedicated solely to breast milk and is kept at -5°F.
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