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Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA
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I have about 8000+oz available for $1/oz, willing to sell in smaller batches and possible discount for quantity. Bagged in 6oz increments and put in gallon bags stored in deep freezers. Dates range from 6/20/19 to present, first come first served for dates wanted.

This is all milk that I was/am prepared to feed my own babies. I am a generally healthy mom and person.

I had plans to stop pumping early and spend more time with my babies. Due to the coronavirus I have decided to continue pumping to provide fresh milk to my twins, thus giving them any new antibodies. I now have 3 freezers full of milk that I no longer need. I have contemplated donating but I have put in way too many hours, time, and money into this stash. An estimate of my time is about 15oz per hour based on how long it takes me to pump. This doesn't include time bagging, washing bottles, and washing pump parts. It also doesn't include the cost of pump parts (which get replaced regularly), things to make pumping easier, bags, nipple balms and ointments as necessary (coconut oil is used mainly), soap, bottle brushes, cost of and running of 3 extra freezers for months, and the sheer excess of food, powerade/body armor drinks, and special food ingredients to increase milk production. These are all necessary to produce such large quantities of milk to feed two babies and have a freezer stash.

In person local transaction Only with cash, social distancing/face mask enforced for safety.

No nonsense please, no one needs more spam.

No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos, No Checks accepted, No Couriers or Agents, No Western Union, No Walmart to Walmart and No Scams.
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