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Columbia, South Carolina, USA
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Hello there,

I’m momma Lyla, I have two kids and I am currently nursing my 2 year old. I’d love to share this breastfeeding journey and continue nursing as long as I can. and I have nursed other babies before. This is nothing new or strange for me. I am also willing to travel to your baby to feed them, the sky is the limit. I also sell my breastmilk if baby would like to bottle feed.

To describe myself I’m african American... lol yes we can call it chocolate milk! I don’t smoke at all, I do have a random and rare drink here and there I only drink milk and water other than that. I try to eat healthy but I do give into my cravings, ice cream.

I love music, dancing, gardening, baking, and traveling. I hate rude/ controlling people, bugs, and ham.

So if you think I’d be a great match to nurse your baby I’d be happy to assist just message me and we can talk price and everything else.
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