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Pasadena, California, US
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I’m a stay at home first time mom that exclusively breastfeeds my 4 month baby.
Ive been dealing with an oversupply since 4th day postpartum. I use a haakaa pump and sometimes a medela pump to be able to alleviate engorgement. I started saving my milk in hopes to use it when I return to work but at the moment that seems unlikely and I’m completely out of space in my freezer.
My intention is not to make a business out of this, but my family can really use the money right now. $150 for all the milk in my freezer it’s a low and fair price with the main intention to help someone who needs it.
I am 30 years old, very active and healthy.
I was raised on a vegetarian diet all my life and later in adulthood following a strict plant based gluten free diet.
I was previously majoring in nutrition and took many health and nutrition courses before I decided to go with a different career path but not before learning plenty of information to be able to live a healthy gluten free - plant based lifestyle with all nutrients and supplements necessary.
I more or less counted how many bags I have and they’re about 80 approximately but most likely more.
There’s a combination of colostrum, regular milk and some foremilk as well. I saved these too since my pediatrician said they have just as many nutrients and antibodies.
My milk has been plenty of good for baby he’s very healthy and has grown so much so fast - he’s 4 months and wears size 12 months!
The milk dates range from February 2020 - May 2020, I think about 300 onces more or less but probably more. It was too much for me to count and didn’t want to take the milk out the freezer for too long.
I’ve included pictures of my milk, how I store it, what supplements I use, some favorite sources of protein, I use steam sterilizer and UV sterilizer for pumping.
I will only sell locally since I’m not overpricing my milk and it would almost defeats the purpose.
Located in Pasadena, CA.
Any other questions, feel free to ask.
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