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Hi! I have over 300 + oz of breast milk in my freezer. It is to the point we can't buy frozen food anymore. I am over producing a lot and wouldn't mind becoming a local help or being a constant supply for someone either. My son was born mid-March 2020 so the milk is literally 2 months old and some is obviously newer than that.

I do not smoke, drink, or have a special diet. I eat a well rounded diet of fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, and gluten. I do take a prenatal vitamin and my son is my third child. I am a younger mom and he has gone from being 7 lbs 13 oz to now 16 lbs. The pediatrician and OBGYN have given me compliments (haha) about the milk I make.

I would like the buyer to pay for shipping. If you need anymore information and are interested in all this milk I would be grateful. I do need the freezer space and appreciate serious inquiries.

I do also understand the benefits for babies as well as people who have certain diseases or illness. I have done research on these types of things before and cord blood banking etc. I research and read a lot of things for work. I am a free lance writer (reviews, blogs, etc) not sure if that part is relevant to this but, either way thank you for reading my post :)!

No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos, No Checks accepted, No Couriers or Agents, No Western Union, No Walmart to Walmart and No Scams. I sign into my PayPal account to check balance before shipping. If you can not pay via paypal then do not reply.
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