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Hello! I have a 9 month year old and have an abundance amount of milk to share. I have been able to donate to another baby I know, but I still have a huge overstock. I came across this website and have decided to donate my milk using all proceeds to donate to people I know or local charities that are impacted financially during Covid since I have been so blessed. $1/oz. I have started saving this milk since around November 2019.

I have a very healthy diet. I try to eat organic and include lots of fruits/veggies/fiber in my diet. I do not have any food allergies. Breastmilk is alcohol, drug, smoke free. I do not take any medications but do take a prenatal vitamin with DHA daily. I practice clean hygiene with milk handling. I use Kiinde pouches to store milk. These are easier to thaw and pour into milk bottles.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! Thank you!

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We recommend that you add this information to your ad: No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos, No Checks accepted, No Couriers or Agents, No Western Union, No Walmart to Walmart and No Scams. I sign into my PayPal account to check balance before shipping. Donation to a BABY ONLY! If you do not have a needy baby and can not pay via paypal then do not reply.
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