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I am a single mother of a now 3 month adjusted baby girl. I have struggled with production since week 2 of our homecoming. It has gotten worse since my menstrual cycle started again and despite every possible effort my supply is now so low that I need to feed her more formula than breast milk. Her delicate system has not tolerated any formula very well and that has been a challenge of its own. She is struggling even more with needing more supplementation. The formula is wreaking havoc on her delicate system. I have a low-income job and cannot come close to being able to afford the typical $ per oz price especially because we will need a regular supply for at least another 4 months. I am hoping that someone with an overabundant supply may find it in their heart to bless us with a healthy ,and possibly recurring, donation. Please contact me if you would like to help us!

I truly appreciate any help offered to get my baby girl feeling better!
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