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Milk for baby. My baby was born Sept 15 2020 and I am an overproducer. As of Oct 7, I have over 850 oz on hand. I’m stashing at least 40 oz away per day. Price is $1 per oz. I have been pumping since I got home from the hospital (and I have about 150 oz from that first week). I do not do any drugs or smoke or or drink alcohol, and I do my best to eat healthy. I am not avoiding any particular foods or maintaining any particular special diet. I primarily use the Willow wireless breast pump, but also use a Medela hand pump occasionally. I steam sterilize bottles and parts daily using a Papablic sterilizer. I can provide medical records and provide more detailed medical information, and medications, about myself for serious buyers if requested. I am in San Tan Valley, Arizona and would like to establish a buy-sell relationship with someone nearby if possible. This baby is my second child. With my first child, I was pumping for over 18 months, so I am committed to producing milk for the long term if that’s what you need.

Minimal caffeine intake, if I drink coffee it’s a single cup of coffee, and sometimes I don’t finish that cup.
I take a prenatal vitamin every day, and I also take sunflower lecithin so that my milk fat emulsifies in the milk a little bit better. (I got that tip from a Willow pumping group and it seems to have helped me).
I tested negative for Covid and Covid antibodies three days before the baby’s birth.

I would prefer to sell locally to someone in Arizona, and establish a long-term relationship. I am willing to ship, but buyer would need to pay for shipping, and I’m not sure how much that would cost to ship it safely and quickly, but I know it would be very expensive. If you want to buy in bulk on a regular basis, I’d be willing to drive an hour or so to meet you in the middle.
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