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Edenbridge (London commuter belt), Kent, United Kingdom
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Fresh/ frozen milk (over 600oz+) ; & breast milk nutrition cookies by popular demand. Everyone considered.

£1/1oz fresh, £0.7/1oz frozen, bulk frozen (from 300oz) £0.5/1oz ;

EVERYONE ELSE: £1.5per oz frozen; £2.20 fresh

Breast Milk Cookies £20 each (each contains over 12oz of condensed breast milk) - see below

•Pumping equipment sterilised after each use.
•Frozen milk stored immediately in a separate dedicated freezer only for breast milk
•No smoking/drinking/drugs or caffeine by the mother
• Very rich diet full of cheese, eggs, occasional fish (nursing safe), nuts, very high MGO Manuka honey, and 10 x 80gms portions of a variety fruits and vegetables daily
• Newborn (full term, grew from 75th to 98th centile in two weeks) and a toddler both being tandem fed, growing very well
• From a very hygienic, COVID free household that has shielded for over 8 months

Now also back by popular demand are these chewy oat cookies filled with about 12oz of condensed breast milk each , NO ADDED SUGAR or preservatives. Contain dates, papaya, apricots and currants, a variety of nuts and seeds, quinoa and coconut - all organic ingredients.

These painstakingly prepared, tasty and healthy cookies are easy to store at room temperature for a week, and packed with slowly condensed breast milk on very low heat to preserve nutrients. Excellent nutrition for growing toddlers to bodybuilders alike.

Shipping for milk - may be considered for a bulk purchase, but will need to be discussed

Shipping for cookies - can be shipped anywhere, - best before 7 days from ship date so please bear that in mind.

PayPal payments only.

No wet nursing, no pictures, no videos. I do not give out personal information. Someone handles all my PayPal and collection meetings. I do not meet my clients.

Please note if purchasing at baby rate, you will be asked to show a picture of your baby for verification purposes.

Socially distanced collection at mutually agreed place in Edenbridge
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