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San Tan Valley, Arizona, USA
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1. San Tan Valley, Arizona. I am willing to drive up to about an hour to meet up in the middle if you don’t live close by.

2. $0.50 per ounce. I am selling to try and make up for the cost of my pump, pump parts, deep freezer, and I still have hospital and medical bills from the birth.

3. I prefer local pick up, but I am willing to ship. I have never shipped before, haven’t been given the opportunity yet, but I have done my research on what needs to be done and how to ship, so if you need shipping, we can work that out.

4. I take prescription medications: levothyroxine for my hypothyroid, Advair for my asthma, and I also take generic Claritin for my allergies. All three of these I also took throughout my pregnancy. I also take a pre-natal every day and sunflower lecithin every day.

5. I have lab work from March 2020 (done by OB while I was pregnant) showing negative for chlamydia trachomatis, N gonorrhoeae, HPV and HIV. I can provide this documentation as a pdf file upon request. I am willing to submit to more testing at donee’s expense. I have more bloodwork and medical records with other general health information I am willing to provide as well. I tested negative for COVID-19 virus and antibodies just prior to the birth (Sept 15).

6. I am not on any particular diet, or avoiding any foods in particular. I am not dairy free. I have one cup of coffee a day, no more. I sometimes drink soda with caffeine.

7. No drugs, or alcohol, or smoking, and I am not exposed to second-hand smoke either.

8. My baby boy was born Sept 15 2020. As of Nov 18th, I am 9 weeks post-partum. I have milk from right after the baby was born, about 150 oz from the first 2 weeks of life. I do not have colostrum, but I started pumping right when I got home from the hospital and that milk is very yellow!

9. Milk is from Sept 18 2020 to current. It is all frozen in 5 oz increments. Please email me for more details on how I store my milk (2000 character limit on the ad, I am out of ad space!)
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