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Hey there! I'm a single father currently seeking breast milk for my 5 month old daughter. She was born healthy and happy in October 2020. Unfortunately her mother decided to not be a part of her life right away and ended contact with the both of us. I've learned to deal with the situation of being a single parent, which was obviously hard at first, but I'm glad I mastered this task so far!

I would really like to start feeding her actual breast milk now instead of the replacement. For now I was looking to buy 2 charges, each containing 250-300ish oz. That being said I'm only interested in milk that has been freshly collected and frozen after we've made an arrangement. In return for this I can offer you a payment of $8 per oz (Paypal only!)

Distance isn't a problem as I've already worked a safe way of transportation out.

To me it's very important I find someone that's able to focus on me and my daughter. You should be able to take responsibility serious and know how to have an actual conversation. If you're interested in being an experienced friend aswell, even better. I could definitely use some advice from time to time.

I would absolutely love to hear from you if this is something you're interested in!

Thank you in advance.

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