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Hi! I’m 30 years old and a momma of 2 little girls- ages 2 and 6 months- both were exclusively breastfed. I’m fortunate to have an oversupply of milk. My baby was born 9/23/20. I have frozen milk from 10/1/20 to current. My baby refuses the bottle so I also have fresh milk if needed. I’m very healthy- zero medical issues or allergies. No past medical history or disease/illness. Non-smoker. Non-drinker. No medications. Pet free home. Proof of negative HIV and HepB lab work. I’m a doctor of physical therapy and workout daily. All of my milk is stored in a deep freezer and my pump supplies sterilized DAILY (medela steam bags). I use a Spectra Pump (no back flow of milk) and I DO NOT mix my milk from other days. Being a medical professional- I take all necessary precautions to make sure everything is done correctly. I have been vaccinated for COVID since February 8, 2021- pre vaccinated milk from 9/2020-2/2021 and post vaccinated 2/2021-current available

No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos.

-$1/oz frozen milk + shipping
-$3/oz fresh milk + shipping
-local delivery/pickup
-Ships USPS overnight with insulated container and dry ice/frozen gel packs (never any issues)
-will not accept buyer to pay for shipping agent
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