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Primghar, Iowa, United States
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Hello everyone!

I am a 21 year old mom of a beautiful 2 month old baby boy (as of June 2021)! My son was born as a low weight infant. He was only 5lbs and 9oz! Because he was so little, he was unable to nurse for the first few weeks of his life. I wanted the best for my son, so I started to pump so that he could still drink my breast milk. My supply was surprisingly abundant from the start, and pumping only made me produce more and more. By the time baby was one month old I had filled my freezer full of milk on top of feeding my son as much milk as he wanted! My breast milk has helped my sons growth, exponentially. He went from being in the 5th percentile to the 10th percentile in only a month - surpassing the doctors expectations. I'd love to help other babies and mommies along in their journey.

I am willing to pasteurize my milk and package the milk any way the mom thinks is best for her and baby. I have plenty of milk ready for your taking!

I take a prenatal every day and I drink plenty of water and coconut milk. I don't drink or smoke. I am not exposed to second hand smoke and I am not on any kind of medication.
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