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I have a baby who is in the NICU that I am overproducing for and I’m just looking to help other moms and babies out there! My milk is helping my baby grow so well and since I have so much stored at the hospital and home already, I would love to bless someone else with some nutrition!

I am a registered nurse, I am 139 pounds and gave birth in mid-June 2021. I like to have a fresh and healthy diet, although I do not stick to any specific diet plan. I do eat a lot of fresh meats, vegetables, and fruit. I do not eat a lot of spicy or hot foods. I am covid recovered as of April 2021, I was vaccinated after that in May, so lots of immune support! I do not drink or smoke at all. My pumping has also been going very well, no cracking, bleeding, or uncomfort at all while pumping.Willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

I am not selling to men or sending any videos/pictures in any other context other than to help moms and babies!
No scams please!
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