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Hello! I’m a Nurse (excellent sterile technique with the bottles) who is exclusively pumping for my new baby. I have been overproducing and have hundreds of ounces in the freezer I want to part with. My baby was born in March and is very healthy with no medical conditions and in the 50th percentile so growing perfectly. I also am healthy and am on a lifelong vegetarian diet. I know certain babies tend to be sensitive to bovine milk intake so I limit my dairy intake as well. Contact me if you’re interested and we can work out prices based on bulk orders. I have at least 600 oz in the deep freezer so the more milk you’re willing to take, the cheaper the price. I’m also willing to give recent bloodwork results to verify the safety of my milk! Also as no adult wet nursing, no pictures, no videos, no checks, no couriers or agents, no western union, no Walmart to Walmart and please no scams. PayPal is the preferred method. Thank you!
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