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Hi! I’m looking for a mommy to donate milk, or I can even purchase. I’m a full time college mommy, and a first time mom. I nursed my son, from the day he was born. I had an emergency open heart surgery, from heart issues doctors never diagnosed. I nursed my baby, till one day my heart decided it was getting tired of working so hard, I was rushed to the hospital and didn’t see my son for weeks after. I lost my milk and still try everything to get it back, it’s been almost three months and I’m still not clear to even hold my baby boy. He has GURD, and we tried every formula, and he won’t take it. He hasn’t had a good easy transition from nursing to a bottle. Please contact me, I really would appreciate it. I’ve been praying for a miracle to find a formula he would at least want to try, but we are running out of options.
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