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Mom of three, blessed with an over-abundance of breast milk and so glad to share! I have over 600 ounces currently saved.

A little more about me:
Fitness is important to me, as is good hygiene. I can't provide any assurance to you that my breast milk is high quality except to offer this: I also feed it to my new daughter, Austyn! The breast milk I use and the breast milk I ship are the same in how they are pumped, stored, and handled.

My family eats a range of simple healthy foods, often cooking Whole30 recipes. We do not keep soda in the house, and we avoid buying sugary foods for the most part. We aim to buy fresh and local foods. I am also avoiding high gassy foods such as cabbage and beans.

Shipping method:
I ship breast milk in a sealed and insulated styrofoam container with dry ice to keep it frozen up to 2 days. The styrofoam comes to you snugly inside a cardboard box. You'll want to be available on the day it's arriving (I'll send you tracking information), and unpack and freeze immediately. I currently have some insulated boxes that can ship 100-120 ounces. I'm happy to order different sizes if you prefer, or can send 2 of the boxes I have.

Shipping charge:
The shipping charge will be based on your location and paid by the buyer. I will provide you the details up front so you can make a confident payment. UPS ground ships to a wide area within 1-2 days.

My husband and I both have used PayPal with no issues!

I am only interested in shipping you breast milk or arranging a pick up with my husband if you're local. No adult wet nursing - Paypal only!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I reply and ship quickly!
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