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Hi! I am a huge over producer and I have an extra 40 ounces of pumped milk per day. I am currently feeding my own babe, and other babes, so the 40 ounces per day is what is left over from that! I have provided well over 30,000 ounces of milk to babies, cancer patients, other individuals with medical needs throughout my pumping journey! (I have had several babes)

*no drugs, alcohol or tobacco products- Prenatal only.
*packaged in 6 ounce bags and 60 ounce bricks.
*all parts washed and sanitized after each use.

* I am willing to sell to men but I am NOT interested in sending pictures, wet nursing, or anything inappropriate or rude-it will not be tolerated.
*I can provide fresh pumped milk locally if needed also.
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