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Hello. I was a surrogate and delivered on September 5th. Baby girl is going home to Nepal with her parents this week, and it isn't feasible to ship my milk all the way over there. I am looking for a baby or two in need of milk here in the United States, so that my milk will be used while I taper down my supply.

Health - As a surrogate, I went through extensive health screenings. No health conditions or diseases to worry about, and I am current on all of the standard vaccinations. I had Covid 19 in January and got the Moderna vaccine in March, so I have all of the Corona antibodies. I am happy to show proof of vaccines and health screening results upon request.

Diet - I am lactose intolerant, so diary consumption is at a minimum. I do have the occasional cheat day with the help of lactaids, so this milk is not suitable for those with dairy allergies. My foods are 90% organic and I do my best to consume a naturally occurring rainbow of foods every day. Fast food is at a minimum - I only do that as a last resort, so about once every 2 months. Most of my meals are home-cooked.

Milk Handling - I am pumping 4-6 times a day, depending on whether or not I work that day. My average production is currently 48 oz/day. Since I was exclusively pumping, my production got a bit ahead of baby girls consumption...she grew from 8 lbs 7.5 oz to 12 lbs in 9 weeks! I pour the milk into freezer bags after each session, so the bags won't necessarily come in neat whole ounces. Most are filled to 120 - 160 oz. My pump parts are washed between each use and sanitized daily.

Shipping - I happen to work at a UPS Store, so I ship through them and receive a discounted rate. I'd be happy to give you a call while there to process your payment method with my discount. I don't know how to make that sound not sketchy, sorry! It is standard practice to accept payments over the phone for out of town customers.

No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos. Milk for a Baby Only!
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