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Hello everyone! This is going to be a long post , I am a first time momma who is stressing out a bit here , My little one is about to be 3 months and doesn’t tolerate formula I have tried organic European hypoallergenic soy and even goat milk she projectile vomits every time, She is seeing a specialist and has had an ultrasound as well some amazing mommas donated some of their extra milk last week and she was able to gain some weight. My pediatrician wanted me to reach out to hm4hb and order some breast milk as she will write a prescription out for me since it’s been an issue since she was a month or so but my insurance won’t cover the cost SND it costs 3.75 dollars an ounce I would pay 1000 dollars every two days for her to eat. So with all of that I am reaching out to see if any over supplier out there is willing to help me feed my baby? I know it’s a lot to ask for since feeding one baby is already a lot now feeding two !!! I live in Las Vegas and am willing to travel close or pay for shipping every often to pick up milk for my little one I can provide bags weekly or anything you may request . I appreciate it so much Side note ; I have tried power pumping supplements body armour oatmeal lactation brownies almost feels like everything anf i make about 6 ounces a day thank you !

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