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I'm a first time mom. My baby girl is 5 weeks old. My plan was to EBF. We had a successful pregnancy but a stressful vaginal birth. She was born 8lbs 3oz but lost over 11% of her body weight in only 3 days. Pediatrician recommended formula after only 1 week because baby's weight dropped so low. I've used 3 different types of breast pumps, tried so many supplements, skin-to-skin, everything I can and I still haven't been able to pump more than an ounce a day. I feel close to giving up and also feel guilty that I'm not giving my baby the nutrition she needs. I learned only a week ago that I likely have breast hypoplasia and that's probably cause for my issues. If you're a lactation consultant and think there's any chance of hope for me, please reach out.
I'm vegan and was vegan during pregnancy. I don't know if that would make my baby sensitive to a non-vegan breastmilk or not. She has a lot of gas issues already so I'd like to try any milk with her that would be best for sensitive tummies.
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