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Broomfield, Colorado, USA
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Hey Mamas! I know there is a shortage of formula out there right now. Currently, I have a frozen supply of approximately 711 oz. My 7 month old is refusing a bottle, so I’d be happy to help a family in need. My supply started at the end of October, and runs through January 2022. Throughout that time I did eat dairy, drank 1-2 cups of coffee, took a multivitamin daily (no other medications) and was fully vaccinated and boosted for Covid 19. No other health issues and no alcohol consumption during this time. We do come from a home with a dog, but everything was stored and cleaned/sanitized as best as possible and handled after proper hand hygiene techniques. Due to time, dollars spent on pumping equipment, and other pregnancy/post partum expenses, I am looking to provide the breastmilk at $1.50/oz. If you are a family interested, or know someone who may be, please message me!
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