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I'm a Christian, homeschool mom of 5, which 3 are homeschooled. The other 2, is my 1yr old going on 2 and my baby that just turned 3mo.

I have a freezer full of frozen milk and I'm still making lots of milk daily.
I do eat healthy as much as possible. Right now my diet consist of non-gmo and organic foods, non-antibiotic and wild meats and try to eat more alkaline type foods. This month Im cutting out sugars, such as cane and no hybrid wheat. Using einkorn, honey, agave, and maple.

I suppliment with Young-living essential oils and their mineral drops, probiotics, and I take fish oil.

(Note: the milk in my freezer is in gallon containers, gallon bags and Mason jars. I'm willing to cut a deal if anyone is interested in them by the gallon).
Contact me for a deal on the Frozen gallon milk.
($1 oz obo for the frozen gallon milk)

"No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos, No Checks accepted, and No Scams. Donation to a BABY ONLY! If you do not have a
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