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Built by moms for moms and their babies

Moms with babies in need want an easy way of buying breast milk at a competitive price and many moms breastfeeding babies need the extra income so they can work from home by selling their breast milk. My hopes for this site is to connect these moms together.

I’m Chelly, a mom who wants the best for my baby and I want to help other moms give their babies what they think is best too. There is a great demand for a community for moms to buy and sell their breast milk. We believe that if one mom has extra breast milk and another does not have enough there should be a place for them to connect that is clean safe and private. Until we made OnlyTheBreast.com the only way to buy or sell breast milk was by posting your personal info on blogs. We figured that their has to be a better way so we looked and looked and could not find a suitable place that is clean safe and private, and easy too. We found thousands of moms looking for a place to buy and sell their breast milk. So with my husbands web development help, I decided to make this breast milk classified service and provide a great community for moms to buy and sell their breast milk. We have included quite a bit of other information and tips that we think will help moms and their babies. We want this community to serve the needs of moms and to ultimately help more babies get only the best and we believe that breast milk is the best! That’s how we came up with our name “Only the Breast”.
On a more personal note, nothing has ever given me greater joy than being with my healthy 1 year old baby girl Zoa. She hasn’t once been ill and I attribute that to exclusive breast milk for the first 6 months, and still mostly breastfeeding today at 1 year-as I write this! NEVER being sick, I thought was impossible. I was always told how babies get sick and how careful I had to be especially in public. Most of my friends’ babies are often sick so I was very worried. So I decided to research and find out why. My research spotlighted natural breast milk as the key to healthy babies. So I became determined to breastfeed at least for the first year with baby-led weaning after that. Breastfeeding was a rough beginning to say the least but getting over those hurdles and seeing my baby girl thriving without being sick once was all worth it. This is why I believe that it is crucial for the health of babies to have access to natural breast milk. Remember, you are what you eat and your babies are what you feed them too.

Unfortunately, not all moms are able to breastfeed their babies. If you are having difficulties breastfeeding, I highly recommend Le Leche League. They gave me the support I needed to get over the hurdles that I encountered and to continue breastfeeding my now vibrant 1 year old. Some of my friends could not breastfeed and as I searched the internet looking for moms that sell breast milk, the blogs were outdated so the mom was no longer producing,  women were getting overwhelmingly spammed, and nothing was in one place. How frustrating! Then there are moms that over produce and have a freezer full of extra milk for babies in need of nutritious milk. Sure they can give it to a milk bank but they are not compensated for their time, effort or the money for the pump and supplies, even though the bank can turn it for a big profit by selling at an exuberant price. At Only the Breast, we hope to alleviate these issues.

Visit our classifieds to find lactating moms that meet your criteria to purchase breast milk from. Or if you’re a lactating mom, list your ad by going to the home page and select ‘Place Ad’ to list what you have for sale for other moms to contact you. Your email is never given out until you email the prospective buyer back, so you don’t have to worry about your email address getting majorly spammed.

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope and pray that this community helps moms and their babies. We encourage you to chat with us in our forums and to get to know other moms in the same boat as you. Here’s to giving your babies only the breast.