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Breast milk naturally contains all the nutrition your baby
needs and protects your baby from a long list of illnesses.

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The vast majority of OTB members are honest, abiding by OTB terms and are simply looking to provide safe milk for babies in need. However in light of cow’s milk contamination of some breast milk samples purchased via the internet, Only The Breast reiterates our long-term guidance that all OTB sellers should follow best practices using aseptic technique for expressing, handling, and storing human milk which also addresses shipping, freezing, and all buyers must follow safety guidelines for peer to peer donor screening. Additionally it is expressly forbidden in our terms of use to add any form of contaminants such as bovine i.e., cow’s milk. Proper DONOR SCREENING is crucial, and must be followed before feeding milk to babies in need. Studies show that unpasteurized milk may have bacteria . IT IS ADVISED THAT ALL MILK MUST BE PASTEURIZED BEFORE USE. Please see our at home pasteurization tips. WARNING DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS, FAKE CASHIER CHECKS & MONEY ORDERS ARE COMMON, and BANKS WILL CASH THEM AND THEN HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE when the fake is discovered weeks later. Only The Breast is not affiliated with any breast milk banks or human milk processing companies other than those identified on the About Us page  of the Only The Brest website. Any other statements of affiliation not made by Only The Breast, Inc. should be reported via the issue notification procedures.

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