Moms Cry Out

Moms all over America and the world are crying out for a place to buy and sell their breast milk. Here is what just a few have to say.

Kara says:
If any one knows how and where to sell breast milk please let me know
Kris says:
I’m in the same boat as most of you, and in these hard economic times, I’m looking to make money off of my breast milk as well. It’s really not fair that we have to donate to milk banks, and they turn around and sell our milk for several dollars/ounce! If anyone knows of a way to sell breast milk (legally), please email me…

Dawn says:
I am looking into selling my breastmilk. I have found some sites where you can list it but it looks like men buy up most of the milk to drink. I would rather contract to feed a baby than to sell it to a random guy. If any one knows where I could find a mother to sell milk to please e-mail me……

Moodles says:
I am also looking to sell my breastmilk. I am smoke/drug/alcohol free, very healthy and fit. I am producing way more than my newborn can consume. If anyone knows of an avenue to sell, please let me know. Thanks!

milkmommy says:
I completely agree with all of you. I’m a healthy 28 yr old w/ a thriving 9 mth old daughter and an abundance of milk in my freezer. I don’t smoke,drink,or do drugs. It is absurd to me that mothers who spend large amounts of their days pumping extra milk can’t be compensated, while the milk banks are making millions!! If anyone ever finds out how to do it let me

Jessica says:
I am 19 yrs old, I have a month old daughter, I have had to slow up with my pumping because I have 2 freezers full, but I hate having to do that, I would be interested in selling my breastmilk considering my hubby is a full time student as well as full time Chef & I am a student as well, not leaving me a minute to work! I do need a small income. If the middle class is in such bad shape with the economy, stop allowing these milk banks to makes hundreds off of a bottles & allow us to be paid for what we work to produce! Men can donate sperm for money, easily, we go through 10 months of pregnancy, a life time of raising a child, and cannot get a thing..are you serious?!

Heather says:
One of the reasons people are so “eew” about breastfeeding is because we are brought up that breasts are something that should be hidden, are sexually assimilated. The thought of a baby doing something “sexual” like sucking on her breast is considered “gross.” How this came about, I do not know, but all I know is that I think it is wrong. People also think that giving other babies your breastmilk is disgusting, but if you think about it, wet nursing was VERY popular in royal families. I have to agree with a previous commenter…we can’t give other children breastmilk, but we let them drink milk from a cow every day without a second thought. I agree that there should be careful screenings for diseases and such, but I also think that if you get paid to donate plasma, blood, semen, etc. you should get paid for your breast milk too! I currently have a few GALLONS of breast milk in my freezer, and I still nurse my son often, so if anyone finds out how to do it, please let me know.

Mother’s Milk says:
I sell my milk, not as a way to make money. But to genuinely help those who need it. But if milk banks can screen and charge, then why can’t I?

mammy says:
I have been thinking about selling my breastmilk and am surprised (well, not really,) to find a lot of talk about urging women to COME FORTH AND DOANTE THEIR MILK, when men are being paid to give sperm. Producing milk takes energy, it requires eating right and eating more, in short it is work and maybe it ought to be compensated.
Carrie says:
I want to sell my breast milk and cant figure out the right way to do it. Ive never smoked, done drugs and I dont drink alcohol. Im extremely healthy no diseases, so why is it so difficult? whats wrong with todays society? I dont want to give it away for free thats a lose for me and a win for the bank, when its my milk. This government is so jacked up.

val says:
I am in the same situation. I am producing about 80 oz a day, my daughter consumes no more than 36 oz a day. I purchased a deep freezer for my extra milk. It is full. My grandmother used to be a “wet nurse” in the UK about 30 years ago. I am a healthy, drug and smoke free young woman. If I am going to take the time to pump, put in bottles and mail off, then I feel as though I should be compensated. Why should the milk banks make the money? People sell their eggs, sperm and plasma, why is it so hard to sell breast milk???
If anyone can lead me in the right direction please send me a message

Staci says:
I’m also a breastfeeding mom of a 10month old…if anyone figures out how to sell thier extra milk, please let me know. My deep freezer is FULL! The thought of throwing it away sickens me, I’d like someone to benefit from all the hours I’ve put in:)

Healthy MIlk says:
I think that the milkbanks are ridiculous! Why can they sell our milk but we can’t? I a am healthy drug free, mother with plenty of milk. I would really like to stay home with my daughter, and selling my extra milk would allow me more time with her. I think the that milkbanks should give us something for our milk. They sell it at $5 an oz. I would only sell my for $2 an oz. So if anyone is interested please feel free to contact me…..

mommy09 says:
We had a daughter in January and are in the same boat that many others here are in. We have a lot of extra milk and would like to see it used rather than wasted.

Kim says:
Hi. I too would be interested in selling milk. I have been donating about 750 oz per month since my son was born in January to adoptees and special needs babies in my area. However, it represents a huge commitment of time and energy and I probably will not be able to keep going as I resume work unless it could provide some extra income. I’m extremely healthy: all organic, no meds., regular exercise, and blood tests to prove it. I follow a robust sanitation protocol :) and freeze my milk immediately in Lansinoh breast milk bags. Let me know if interested.
Patty says:
I am currently donating my milk to a milk bank, but as i understand it, you have to have a prescription from a doctor in order to purchase it. I have been screened and I am an active donor who would like to sell me extra milk to people who need it but I dont know how. If anyone has any info on how to do it please let me know!
Marie says:
Glad to hear that it is legal. If anybody is interested, I also have frozen breastmilk available for purchase. Would love for it to go to people who can put it to good use. I live in the Midwest. This very same breast milk is what kept my daughter from getting sick at all for the entire first year of her life, so I am pretty sure it is good stuff =).

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