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We are going to open the breast milk floodgates and we need your help!

We are pleased to announce that we have found significant new ways to serve the needs of donating mothers and help needy babies.  Please help us expand and to help more mothers help babies get the life saving breast milk they need.

As OTB expands some of the volunteer positions may become paid positions. We will be hiring from within, so this is an excellent opportunity to help other mothers and babies while getting started with OTB. We are looking for volunteers that are already OTB community members, have shared their breast milk through OTB, have received breast milk from OTB, or are just big fan and want to help. Please look through the positions list below to see if you have any of the skills to help. If you do not fit into one of the positions below but you would still like to contribute, please still apply and share with us your skills and how you would like to contribute.

By Volunteering you will:

  • Help mothers earn extra income so they can help provide for their family and stay at home with their baby.
  • Help save lives of premature and sick babies in need.
  • Help infants and toddlers get natural breast milk instead of formula.
  • Be a part of the positive impact of the breast milk sharing movement.

Positions Available:

  • Web Copy Writer
  • Listings/Blog Moderator
  • SEO Developer, execution of SEO related tasks and strategies
  • Graphic Designer, banners, pictures and web design
  • Web Developer (wordpress, experience a must)
  • News Journalist, breast milk related news
  • Video production/editing
  • Customer Service, application processor
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Partner Development
  • Spokes Person, media contact and interviews
  • Community Organizer

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